Progressive Insights.

We are a forward-thinking CPA firm that incorporates four key elements:

  1. Strategy. A client plan to help make progress with their goals.
  2. Technology. To efficiently collect and manage information.
  3. Communication. Keeping clients informed of new regulations.
  4. Resources. Technological and advisory depth in almost any area.

An MBE, SBE and GSA Small Business CPA Firm.

We are a minority owned and GSA certified small business. We have approximately 90 professionals located in New York City, New Jersey, District of Columbia and Maryland, an affiliate office in Florida. Our size and the diversity of our staff is one of our greatest strengths in bringing this experience to our clients for over 30 years. We are certified as a Small Business by the U.S. General Service Administration.

Value Drivers.

Identifying and monitoring key metrics that measure progress.

The WatsonRice team works to identify items most critical to client success. Depending on their business or regulatory requirements those elements may be dictated to them by the government, a board of directors or may need to be identified.

We use this information to help clients track the progress inside their operations or to ensure they are meeting the compliance standards set by their regulatory group. Identifying and tracking value drivers is critical to helping any business or organization thrive.

Transparent Compliance.

Reporting to test financial accuracy & regulatory requirements.

Transparent compliance is a system that allows investors, owners, leadership teams, a board of directors or a regulatory agency easily understand the organization’s financial position. How money was spent, what reserves exist and any risk in the financial status.

Every entity needs accurate and on-time financial reporting to help understand and forecast their performance. Understanding financial performance enables leadership to better predict needs and resolve situations that are not meeting budgets or established goals.


Lifecycle Management.

A plan to optimize company, agency or mission objectives.

The lifecycle is a series of stages every organization transitions through during its lifetime. Our team works with clients in every stage of their lifecycle and helps them move from one phase to the next. We adjust our support for each stage our clients are currently in.

Every entity needs a vision backed by a logical plan to achieve their goals. For some, WatsonRice’s role is to validate through audit the status of the financial or operational steps in their plan. For others, our role is to develop the strategy.